March Transitions

It is mid-March and I can hardly wait for spring to arrive. 

We’ve had 2 major snowstorms this month, but we have also had days of melting snow and rain.  From day to day one just doesn’t quite know what to expect.

 Before the last snow, the neighborhood children proudly pointed out the tulips in my garden trying to peak their heads above the ground.   The very next day, it snowed, again, and all was covered in the whiteness of winter.  Yesterday the snow melted enough and two tulips are again sprouting almost in defiance of what is left of winter.  I am reminded that it took the eyes of the children to see them for the first time this season.  They, too, must be watching for spring in their hearts.

If you listen, the bird-songs have changed and the sound of spring is in the air.  They, too, are yearning to be set free on the wings of spring.