Does March Signal the End of Winter?

crocus in the snowWith the arrival of March, Spring cannot be far behind.  It is just that, thoughts of Spring, that have helped many of us get through this winter, one day at a time.

I shouldn’t complain.  Although we have had more than our usual amount of snow and cold here in southeastern Wisconsin, a lot of other parts of our country have a winter they had thought would never be part of their experience.  They never dreamed that where they lived would be hit with ice, snow, and cold to the point of power outages and worse.

If I have learned one thing this winter, it is that I cannot control the weather, no matter how much I wish I could.

Maybe, however, I’ve learned something else:

  • being more conscious of the needs of the neighbor next door,
  • helping an elderly friend or parent that can’t get out to get groceries,
  • getting that ice off the sidewalk to prevent a fall,
  • sharing the comforts of home with someone without heat …

I am sure that you can add numerous experiences to this list.  It is all these experiences that have helped get us through the winter of 2013/2014.  And it is those “best practices” of winter that I intend to continue on into Spring.

So, given all that, one can only hope that Spring is truly “just around the corner.”

PS.  As I look out my window, it’s snowing, again, here in southeastern Wisconsin.