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So much violence permeates our world and our lives.  The most violent hits the media and nightly news on a daily basis, but many of us have been victims at one time or another, some in small and others in not such small ways.  All of these events are devastating.  Many lives are changed forever, often living in […]

crocus in the snow

Does March Signal the End of Winter?


With the arrival of March, Spring cannot be far behind.  It is just that, thoughts of Spring, that have helped many of us get through this winter, one day at a time. I shouldn’t complain.  Although we have had more than our usual amount of snow and cold here in southeastern Wisconsin, a lot of […]

Crocus and snow



 What we cannot yet        see with our eyes, we see with our hearts ~    Welcome,  Spring!   Here in Southeastern Wisconsin, looking out the window, one would never think it is the first day of SPRING.  Although the thermometer is saying 21o, the windchill is 8o.  In most places, snow is still on […]

March Transitions


It is mid-March and I can hardly wait for spring to arrive.  We’ve had 2 major snowstorms this month, but we have also had days of melting snow and rain.  From day to day one just doesn’t quite know what to expect.  Before the last snow, the neighborhood children proudly pointed out the tulips in […]

Autumn in Southeastern Wisconsin


Unlike the hot, dry summer, autumn here is a splendid palette of yellows, reds, oranges, maroons, browns and any number of un-named colors in between.  Contrary to predictions of a dull and dry season with leaves falling before coloring, the galaxy of colors bewilders the beholder.