I have always loved art. I remember in grade school, my parents enrolling me in Saturday morning art classes. The former school was on a hilltop overlooking May Fair Mall. Today the school is long gone, but my love for art has only deepened over the years.  My various art interests include counted-cross stitch, natural art (Seeds-n-Stuff), and watercolor. Several years ago I attended two “Watercolor Painting for Beginners” classes. Those classes whetted my appetite. Since then, I continue to “teach” myself via books on watercolor.

There came a time when I no longer wanted to keep my paintings under wrap. My watercolor paintings, along with my photography, have become my source for 5 x 7 card images.  Once scanned, these paintings are framed and made ready to sell. Original paintings are mostly no larger than 10 x 12.

My love of nature and the outdoors falls in stride with my Franciscan spirit. Being able to create on paper what God has gifted Mother Earth, is a humbling experience. Hours can fly by when I become engrossed in a painting. I feel a presence and power greater than myself guiding my hand and heart. For me, painting becomes prayer. It is so awesome to watch the object, mostly flowers, come to life right before my eyes! It takes my breath away! I am most grateful for this God-given gift.